RMSB title words

Since 1990, The Rich Mountain String Band has been featured at local historical sites and celebrations,

period reenactments, and similar happenings around the region. Combining the sound of old-time string bands with popular 19th Century songs and dances, the band brings historical music to life for modern audiences.

Based in Randolph County, West Virginia, and named for the mountain of the famous local Civil War battle, the band consists of Mary Caraher on fiddle, Les Caraher on banjo, Peter Baxter on guitar, and Phyllis Baxter on flute and pennywhistle. Vocals are sung by Mary, Les, and Peter.

Rich Mountain String Band

(left to right: Phyllis, Les, Peter, and Mary)

Phyllis, a student of historical country and ballroom dancing, teaches and calls all of the Rich Mountain String Band dances. Steps for each set are quickly taught from scratch before starting, and instructions are “called” to everyone throughout the dance. Beginning dancers are welcome!

The band prides itself on creating an enjoyable experience for anyone interested in the common music of the mid-nineteenth century. Wherever they appear, the Rich Mountain String Band gives a new, vital, and energetic voice to music rooted in America’s past.